What’s IoT?

IoT stands for Internet of Things, which is a new technology that allows you to connect any device to the internet with the goal of sending and receiving data. With IoT, anything that comes to mind can be controlled through internet for any specific purpose.

Predictions say that by 2020 there will be between 20 and 50 billion devices connected to the internet.

How does IoT work?

IoT devices are connected to the cloud, which is where the data gets sent. The way those devices are connected is where it gets interesting. Namely because there is not just one unique way of connecting IoT devices to the internet. Depending on the purpose of the sensor/device, the connection may differ.

Devices can be connected via LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa, SigFox or directly wired. Once the data gets to the cloud, software will process the data in some way. Choosing the right technology is important, since it can impact on the power consumption, range and bandwidth.

What’s the purpose of IoT?

The whole point of IoT is that data is useful for the end user. That can be done by triggering an alert to the user. For example: by a push notification, email or just showing text in an app. This way, the user can act on that change of state like for instance if the front door is detected as ‘open’.

IoT is not just a way to notify a user when a specific event happens. It also allows the user to interact with the device when needed. When a sensor detects a high temperature at home, the user might remotely close the curtains of the living room to avoid the sun coming in.

There’s also actions that can be automatically triggered. Those actions are based on the user predefined settings, instead of just notifying a user.

What can AppDam do with IoT?

AppDam studies your case and integrates IoT in your project in order to automate processes. After deciding the most appropriate device for you, we will create a user-friendly app that helps you and your customers to work better with your product.