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The atlas of Human Parasitology is an application available for iPad, iPhone and Mac. It is a digital atlas composed of more than 1400 images of human parasites, videos of the main copro-parasitological techniques, furthermore colored illustrations, resources such as slides, zoomable figures and texts. This atlas of parasitology, being the first of its kind available as app, is an excellent tool for students, professors or professinals of the public health sector.

This application includes:

– More than 1400 photographs of human parasites in different colorations
– Illustrative drawings of all parasites with their morphologic characteristics as captions
– Descriptions of all the parasites
– Tools such as zoom and extra slides
– High definition videos demonstrating the main copro-parasitological techniques, with excellent sound quality

The atlas is available in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English
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This app was build using React Native.