Hybrid App

The Soil Quality Mobile App (SQAPP) offers an easy-to-use tool that brings global soil data into the decision-making sphere of land users and other interested end users.

SQAPP can, for any terrestrial location in the world for which there are soil data, provide the user with selected soil quality indicators and soil threat indicators. Rather than scoring soil quality in absolute terms, the app scores the soil quality relative to the average soil quality within areas with similar soil and climatic conditions (so-called pedo-climatic zones). For example, 80% means that only 20% of the area of the selected pedoclimatic zone is considered to have a higher indicator value than the point location being assessed.

Soil threats are scored based on general, scientifically-derived threshold values. Both soil quality indicators and soil threat indicators with low scores are indicated and management solutions are suggested for the combination of indicators flagged as low in a specific location.


This app was build using Cordova.